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How to Prevent the Risk of Damage For a Pearl Necklace


Necklace is an important accessory that women love to wear. These can be found easily in various gemstone varieties as well as pearl variety is also available as the most popular choice among many women. However, pearls are more expensive and precious than many other stones, so they require more care and maintenance otherwise they can be damaged easily. Basically, pearls are not as hard as many others diamonds and gemstones usually. Pearls are formed with the help of tissues of living creatures. They are softness is the reason that they require more care. Here in this article I will briefly explain the ways to prevent any damage to a pearl necklace. So, if you are really interested in pearl collection then this article will obviously help you.

The foremost thing to consider for your pearl necklace is keeping it away from acids, heat or any other harsh substance. Moreover, it is also better to keep it away from talcum powder, perfume and make up. It is a better choice to keep the valuable pearl necklace in a proper box and try to minimize the exposure of these pearls to direct heat and sunlight. This will help in avoiding the risk of any damage.

Another important thing to remember is that pearls can scratch and damage easily. So, always keep your pearls away from any other jewelry. Do not keep all of them in a single box. The best available option to store precious and sensitive pearls is storing them in a bag with soft linen cloth. This soft cloth will help to protect the pearls in the best way. Keep this bag at comparatively cool place.

Furthermore, it is better to wipe the pearls with soft cloth after using them. This will help in maintaining the luster. Keep a close look at the thread. It is a better option to change the thread if you feel that it is loose enough after much use. Another thing often said about pearl necklaces is that they should be used very often otherwise they will lose their luster and become dull. Frequent use of these pearls should be minimized because when you wear them they get oils from your body which may make them dull and brittle.


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